About me

My research focuses on epigenomic mechanisms, and merges basic biology, technological innovations and computational analyses. My major interest is in developmental-epigenomic questions, and includes the employment and development of tools to study chromatin in uncharted settings, such as investigating the organization of chromatin regulatory networks during mouse embryogenesis. My background combines epigenomics and chromatin biology, molecular biology, biotechnological innovations and computational analyses.

Currently, I am building my group in the Department of Medicine that will focus on characterizing the dynamics and roles of Chromatin Regulators (CRs) and other components of epigenetic regulatory circuits in governing mammalian early development. Specifically, we will leverage technological innovations to investigate mechanisms such as crosstalk between CRs and transcription factors for recruitment of CRs to specific genomic loci and the role these mechanisms play in cellular fate decisions. Further, we will study the relevance of in vitro model systems and discrepancies with in vivo epigenetic programs.

In addition to my research goals, I believe that communicating and disseminating of knowledge is a major component of science, and I am involved in mentoring students, presentations of webinars (e.g. Chromatin/ChIP-seq), outreach programs and workshops (e.g. BroadE).

Contact: agoren AT ucsd DOT edu
Twitter: alon_goren
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